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Few people have a sufficient knowledge of Florida’s condominium and homeowner association laws, to effectively defend against liens/foreclosures, or to fight with their Association on any matter.

After representing thousands of Associations across the State of Florida for several years, the firm’s founder, Nerlin Ontivero, Esq. noticed the growing need for Owners to also be able to voice and express their concerns and disputes with their Associations.

Our firm understands that dealing with your Association is a sensitive issue, that is why we are ready to represent your interests in an aggressive and effective manner.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Then contact our office today for a consultation. Remember – As an Owner
you have rights and should not permit your Board, Association or CAM from restricting these legal and statutorily protected rights. You are not alone, we are here to fight for your interests and you causes.

  • Do you feel like you are being Discriminated within your Association?
  • Do you wish to inspect the expenses and Association records and are being denied access?
  • Or, are you trying to raise issues of importance within your community and feel as if the Board is using intimidation and selective enforcement of the governing rules and regulations against in a retaliatory manner to prohibit you from addressing these issues?

Condominium Owner Representation

Condominium Associations and unit owners may inevitably have disputes, due to the fact that two parties are responsible for maintaining different parts of the same building.

Levying assessments and placing liens on your condominium unit are amongst many powers conveyed to your Condominium Association.

Bylaws and Condominium Declarations are also often a source of dispute or contention.
If you have a dispute with your Condominium Association you should seek legal advice to learn what your legal rights are.


Homeowner Association “Owner” Representation

Homeowners Associations (HOA) and homeowners have disputes frequently. Do you feel harassed by your HOA or a particular neighbor that keeps complaining about you to the HOA?

Levying assessments and placing liens on your home are amongst many powers conveyed to HOAs.

HOA declarations are often a source of dispute or contention with homeowners. If you have a dispute with your HOA you should seek legal advice to learn what your legal rights are.


Homeowner Associations & Condominium Associations

When owners fail to pay their dues it is common practice to place a lien on the homeowner’s property, as per the association’s bylaws. This process is very technical and should be filed by the association’s attorney. Other disputes can arise when certain owners fail to abide by other non-financial bylaws of the association, such as disrepair or neglecting their property, becoming a burden on all of the other association members. We have all seen the ugly house on the block, which decreases the value of the neighboring homes. Given the complexity of enforcing the association bylaws, it is imperative to have a real estate attorney oversee these disputes. In addition, attorney’s fees and court costs can be recovered when incurred to breach of deed restrictions or non-payment of dues or assessments.


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